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Animal Herbology - Coming Soon!

Taught by Raven:

Being an Animal Herbalist involves much more than just administering herbs to our animal friends. In this course, you will learn what a healthy diet is and how to feed your pets for optimum health.  You'll learn how to make herbal preparations such as tinctures, poultices, etc., How to relieve common problems that animals suffer from and how to prevent future problems from occurring. You will learn many things including why commerical pet food is so harmful, what supplements are good for your pet, and you will have access to an encyclopedia of herbal knowledge, including their properties, common uses, how to prepare them and much more.

You will be asked to purchase at least one book from the recommended reading list.  The course comes with one textbook, one workbook, assignments, case studies, and a certificate in Animal Herbology upon successful completion.

Tuition: $150 - Coming Soon!

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